How to write good SEO content?

E-marketing has seen some major developments in the past decade. Forex Net Affiliate’s philosophy is to provide its partners with high quality tools and advice in order to achieve the best potential result.




The formula for a successful partnership is easy - good quality leads mean higher commission for affiliates.




But how do you write  good SEO content?




In this article we will give you a short synopsis of how to create  good quality SEO content so you can increase your traffic. 




First of all, your website needs to be built on  good HTML code. This code is your actual "Google ID". The Meta description must be  unique content. There is no need to insert more than 10 key words; and ideally there is a combination of words. For example, if you write “online Forex affiliate” or “Forex affiliates program”, Google will calculate it as 6 different keywords for Forex affiliates program.




In order to get a better positioning in Google as well as to increase a traffic volume, it is best to update or write  new content on a daily basis.  New text or creative material should contain major keywords and also be linked to your website.




Moreover, for a better position on Google, your pages have to be shared on forums, blogs, or any other social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, etc. This works like  word of mouth – the more people who are aware of the news, then the faster it travels. The same principle applies here - the more your content is shared among users, the faster your website’s reputation grows. Hence, your website’s Page Ranking which is determined by Google is getting higher.




Please note that more than 60% of all web users are using Google as their search engine compared to Yahoo!, Bing or any other engines.




Thank you for your attention and until next time.




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Forex Net Affiliate Team.



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Posted on 7/18/2011 6:25:18 AM

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